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03 Apr How to Make a Stunning Flipbook

One of the best methods of creating easy to read, interactive and elegantly presented content though digital media is by converting it into a flipbook. No, it is not the type where you will require pen and Post-It paper. This is a very different type of flipbook. This type of flipbook enables the person looking at your content to go through it with great interest as there are many ways of making your content extremely presentable. For example, your content can be extremely graphic and look good. It can be zoomed for closer inspection and zoomed out when done.

You can add pop-up images and embed videos. Because of all these eye-catching and appealing effects that you can add into your content, flip books can surely impress and engage a reader much better than a conventional means of presenting data. In addition, your content can be SEO friendly which can bring it to the forefront of search engines. Therefore, if you wish to generate traffic through your content, it is better to choose a flipbook than a PDF. Having said how great the flip books are, let’s check out how to make a flipbook.

In order to make a flipbook, you need a PDF file. If you don’t have one, you need to create one. This is an easy task. You will need Adobe Acrobat Pro software or InDesign. However, these software are costly although they are extremely effective, so, if you are planning to get the authentic software and install in your computer. Instead, you can use PDF conversion facilities available online or the PDF saving mode available in some of the new versions of Microsoft software as excel and word. If you are unable to work with these software, you can download Google Docs app. If all of the above information is too much to comprehend, flipbooks can be made using Flipsnack, FlippingBook, Yuduu and many other apps.


Let’s take a look at how to make a flipbook using Flipsnack. This service provider is used quite frequently among educators. It is used with students of all ages as it enables the educator to use vibrant colours and designs and provide audio and video functions. This provider assists in creating some of the best content and is extremely easy. Open Flipsnack on your computer and simply add the PDF documents, customize the flip book by coming up with interesting and creative cover pages and font sizes and background colours. Flipbook templates and blank pages are available for those who do not have PDF files to upload. In this instance, the user can create his or her publication, customize and publish as mentioned above. Once you are happy with how your content looks, it can be published so that it can be shared on the World Wide Web. Your flip book can be embedded in various social networks, including Facebook for all to see.


How to make a flipbook using another option? Yumpuu is another service in which PDF files can be shared via flipbooks. Using this option, you will be able to share your files on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. It is 100% free and provides a plethora of outstanding options to make your flipbook eye-catching and interesting. For example, you can add unlimited videos and slideshows to your pages, as well as, different audio sounds. The pages can be sized according to your specifications and requirements. If you wish for links to be added to the content, this too can be done with a few clicks of the mouse. ePapers can be created using Yumpu Word Press Plugin. The epaper can be read by others without necessitating the downloading of the complete document. All content, big or small, is of the highest quality and a fascinating reading experience for others.


This service provider promises mobile responsiveness in your flipbook irrespective of whether it is an iPad, desktop or Android phone. If you wish for realistic page flips, easy zooming and easy digital publishing, this provider delivers. When you are starting from scratch, Flippingbook, as well as Flipsnack provides you pre-created templates making your task easier. FlippingBook also offers customization options, vibrant colours and pop-up images and videos. New users can simply log in and follow the instructions to create high-quality, distortion free images and text, within minutes.

Contrary to what you may have been thinking at the beginning of this article, now you may be clear that converting your content into a flipbook is not a difficult task. Many of the websites that offer these services ensure convenience and ease of use. Visiting these websites and trying out some of their options will help you understand how to make a flipbook in the easiest and most effective manner possible in no time. Before long, you may be able to publish your content and give a chance for it to be viewed by people the world over.

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