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17 Apr Which Flipbook Program Should You Choose?

After spending a lot of time searching for the best flipbook maker program, I decided to list a few of them that I really liked. There are various different programs, however the most outstanding flipbook creator program I came across was Yumpu.

If you are looking for an innovative, easy and effective digital flip medium for creating publisher quality content, the flipbook is a great choice. For those who are not familiar with what a flipbook is, it is one of the best methods to create, use and present your content in a very professional way, even though you may not have any experience or knowledge of page setting or text and graphic layouts or any other special features.

flip pdfIn addition to the ease of converting text into publisher quality content, the flip pdf flipbook also simulates the page flipping effect with many features. It is the new method of getting online attention from the targeted audience.

Flipbooks are effective in getting the message across as it catches the attention and eye of the viewers. Once you decide to convert your PDF files or create flash flipbooks from scratch, you need to select a pdf flash page flip flipping book software that works for you.

This should be a flipbook maker software that offers you everything you need to make your free flipbook a success. It can be a software creating interactive flipbooks that provides you a free trial or one where you pay and obtain the tools.

Choice 1 – Yumpu

yumpu logoYumpu is a great free flipbook software that makes a flipbook that can be flipped, as if you would turn a page.

You can make flipbooks easily within a short amount of time, plus if any help is needed the Yumpu support answers immediately or you can also watch one of the many video tutorials on their Youtube channel.

The created flipbook can be embeded on different platforms such as your website, facebook and online shop.

Other great features are that you can also embed videos, audios, links and other interactive elements into your flipbook. Plus, to further promote your flipbook, Yumpu also allows you to create a promotional video for your flipbook which can be distributed via all channels (Youtube, Facebook, Insagram, Pinteres, your own webiste and many more).

How to edit an online flipbook embed – Video Tutorial

Yumpu works with different players like HTML5, Flash and Javascript plus it can be used on different devices such as Mac and Windows PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

Choice 2 – FlipBuidler

The best feature about FlipBuilder is its ability to convert any document into flipbooks. This program works on Windows, Mac and any browser with Flash Player.

You can publish eBooks, brochures, magazines, flyers, corporate reports and newsletters and many more using this flipbook software.

You are given a choice of products to choose from with various options.

For example, the Flip PDF enables you to convert PDF files into stylish interactive digital publications which you can download and that can be viewed on any device like your Mac or Windows PC or any mobile device.

Realistic animations and sounds, videos, banners, and pre-designed templates make your flash flip book an instant hit. All it takes is just three steps and you have published a free pdf flipbook that can be downloaded, viewed online and offline and that can be shared on social media via Facebook and Twitter.

Furthermore FlipBuilder also offers video tutorials on Youtube that can help you to create your own interactive flipbook. You can also use the FlipBuilder support if any help is requested.

Choice 3 – Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro

This flipbook creator software is quite famous for free pdf flash and HTML5 flipbooks including eBooks, magazines, brochures and catalogues with html5 animation.

You can convert your PDF, Excel, PowerPoint files to sleek interactive digital publications with flipping pages that look like a real hard copy document or a book, that you can download.

You can also embed a video, links and texts to your content and have your readers browse it on their iPads, Mac or Windows PCs, Android phones and mobile devices like iphones. Watching a video, browsing magazines and listening to music was never this good.

Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro enables users to publish their content in a multitude of languages, provides a bookcase for viewers to learn more about your content, which increases brand visibility. The templates within the program enable you to customize your content in different manners and share your customized digital publication on several social media platforms and your own website.

Choice 4 – aXmag™ Software

aXmag™ program is the ultimate in 3D page flipping that works with various devices such as Mac as well as Windows PCs . Converting your PDF files to high resolution, page flipping flipbooks is easy when you use aXmag Software. Clear images and texts are assured with this program as it uses ClearVector™.

This program offers users a number of advanced features including supported internal and external links, to embed a video, audio, bookmarks/ table of contents and many more.

Your flipbook is sure to reach the top of the search engine through this program as it is extremely Google-friendly and ensures your content can be found via Google through a few well placed keywords. Publishing your interactive flipbooks is extremely easy through this program.

If you have any free publications, these will be stored within the server for 3 months. Paid publications will be in the server for up to 3 years.

Choice 5 -3D PageFlip

Flipbooks are made sensational using this flipbook program. 3D PageFlip is a SEO friendly program that can convert PDF, PowerPoint and Excel files to authentic digital flipbooks which you can download free.

Its products come with two options and provides users a free trial of them both. Both options offer users a plethora of choices that they can take advantage of.

The upgraded version of the program offers a multitude of options to choose from. These options will ensure the success of your flipbooks. For example, 3D PageFlip Professional offers the ability to customize logos, add a table of contents, a page editor, 2D/3D templates, videos, superb sound, as well as, animations.

Your designed interactive flipbook can be shared on various social multimedia platforms including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and therewith benefit your business.

If you wish for a successful flipbook, and plan to publish many more, you need to select a good flipbook creator animation software that offers you nothing but the best. You should familiarize yourself with all the digital publishing solutions available to you through these programs and select the one that suits your purpose the most. With the right flipbook program, you can be assured of success.

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