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Benefits of Using a Flip book

PDF or Portable Document Format is a means of digitally storing files. However, the PDF option has many drawbacks that include difficulty editing and reading and limited OS support. The requirement of third party software is another problem many face with PDF files. All those cumbersome hassles can be avoided with the innovative flip book tool which is the newest and one of the best inventions of the digital age. With flip book documents offer you an interactive and enjoyable reading experience. The flipbook comes with various navigation methods that include thumbnail functions, pre-setting bookmarks, eye-catching colour schemes and zooming in and out options and many more. These are just some of the features of the flip book. So, if you are considering the pros and cons of converting your PDF files to the flip book method, here are some of the reasons you really should consider doing so.

Low Cost in creating a Flip book

Purchasing magazines and various other publications can be extremely costly for the buyer. This is because the editing, printing, publishing and shipping and various other factors’ costs are incorporated to the price. For example, if you were to purchase a book in its conventional form, it would cost you a pretty penny as all of the above-mentioned costs are added to its price. However, if you were to use the flip book services, you will pay a mere fraction and still be able to relax and flip through the pages… digitally of course.

Convenient & Ultra Mobile

It can be difficult carrying large publications in a bag or case. For example, consider the businessman travelling to a business meeting burdened with various paraphernalia necessary for his meeting. With the flipbook, is able to travel with a single computer and all his work saved in his flipbooks. Once he arrives at the meeting all that is necessary is to open the feature and use the options within the feature to showcase the necessary documents. Flipbook is therefore very portable, making it extremely convenient.

Attractive and Impactful Presentation of Data

Traditional methods of printed documents and pdfs are generally rather boring in and full of small letters. Few come with images and most are not in colour. All this is mainly due to cost of incorporating all these interesting printing features into hard copies. However, with this option you are able to make more of an impact with your texts and images. With this option, you are able to convey your ideas in a more graphic, eye-catching and appealing manner. This is because flipbook has the option for you to adjust your texts and images in the suitable manner to make it interesting to the person perusing them. Embedded images, videos, background sound and vibrant colours make your content rich and attractive which draws in more traffic to it making a better impact.

SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization is necessary for today’s users. Many users, however, are under the misconception that flip books are not SEO friendly. Flip books are designed in a manner that enables the use of SEO techniques so that your content can reach the top of the search engine. With the right words placed in the correct places, flip books help you to generate traffic your way to your content, helping you reach the top of the search engine.

Mobile Responsive

Anything and everything can be accessed through your mobile device these days. The weather, your calories, Facebook and a host of other apps enable you to obtain information wherever you are through your mobile device. Great news is that your flip book too could reach a huge mobile audience. Although certain mobile devices are unable to support flipbooks, there are ways for your flipbooks to automatically reach the mobile audience by switching to HTML5 format.

Easily Shareable

An important method of ensuring your content is seen among others is to share it. Things become easier if you are able to easily share whatever you wish to share. A flipbook can be shared easily. You can share via social media or through a link. The person interested has to simply click and download the content. In this manner, you are sure of your flipbook reaching a wide audience base.
Digital, yet Traditional

Many people still prefer reading the traditional way because when reading PDF files they are unable to “flip” the pages as you would in a book or magazine. However, with flip books, you are able to “flip” the pages by clicking on a few buttons. This provides the reader with modern digital content, while letting them experience the relaxing familiarity of flipping through the pages.

These benefits are just a few of the benefits of a flip book. Many businesses and individuals are turning to the digital methods of reading and sharing content. Not only it is easy and impressive but it will also be eco-friendly, if flip book soft copies can stop even a few hard copies being printed