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Free Flip Book Creating Facilities

Until recently, graphic designers, writers and various other design artists were unable to showcase their work to a wider audience. Their high quality work remained in pages and pages of hard copy books and design portfolios that could not be shared with a wide audience than those who could physically see them. Even if graphic artwork software was available, sharing the output files has lots of issues due to the high data capacity of files as well as the specialized nature of graphic design software which limited the usage among a wider audience.

However, in the present day, these writers, designers and creators are able to effectively share their work with the public using the flip book facility. What is flip book? Flip books are digital publications which work as real publications. The user simply “flips” the pages with a click of a button. Those interested in creating flip books need to select a website or purchase special software that offers them the service of converting their PDF files into flip books. Once they select the site, they can work on making the flip book and share it with the public. Most often flip book websites charge a fee for this service. However, there are websites that offer a free flip book trial run so that users are able to familiarize themselves with it before upgrading.

Flipsnack is a software service that enables users to turn simple content, into incredible, interactive and highly attractive online publications. This is a tool which helps users generate interest among its audience and enables efficient and easy sharing. The Flipsnack software service provides users with many features for free. So, the users can create an eye-catching, intriguing and attractive free flip book of up to fifteen pages which is compatible with various digital devices without incurring any costs.

Getting Started

Flip book makers need to begin with a PDF file. Approximately upto 500 pages each of PDF can be uploaded to Flipsnack. If users don’t have PDF files to upload, they need to create files from scratch. Flipsnack enables users to take advantages of their pre-created templates and various images which can be inserted into the new flip books. This saves time, as they do not have to go through Google or other browsers to locate captivating images for their flip books. An unlimited number of flip books can be created depending on the data size of files and the storage space. Free flip book users are provided with 1GB of storage space which can be upgraded into a larger storage capacity with a paid package. Once the flip book is created, the user can publish the online publication by simply clicking on the “Publish” button.

Using the Features

There is an amazing variety of features provided by Flipsnack for free flip book users.  For example, if the user wishes to customize the flip book, there are four pre-created templates to choose from. Depending on the templates, the user is able to change the cover of the digital publication, play with the colours, and adjust the width and height of the publication, as well as, work on the background colours of the flip book. Features also include flip sounds, thumbnail navigation, changing widget type, adding texts and captions and many more. Flipsnack is extremely SEO friendly, which assists users to reach the high ranks of search engines, enables the addition of audio and videos to provide users with high quality publications which will enthral the readers. In addition, users can download the flip books to their computers and view it offline.


Flipbooks on Flipsnack can be shared with ease. For example, when a user utilizes the Hardcover template, selecting Show Buttons enables the user to share on various social network sites including Twitter and Facebook. The link of the free flip book can be shared with ease where the user wishes. There are a number of ways the flip book can be shared. By clicking on “My Flipsnack” the user will be able to choose from a number of options available.  The direct link makes it easier for the user to share the flip book with interested parties who will then be able to share it with others and add their comments on the flip book. Users can also share their flip books via email, embedded code or downloaded into their PCs.

Flipsnack the free flip book converter is an impressive service that provides users with a multitude of functions and features to take advantage of. What’s more, there are other services within Flipsnack that enable users to create various other publication types including banners and photo slide shows and many more. When it comes to feee flip book maker options, Flipsnack is a superior website that enables flip book makers to showcase their work in the best possible manner.

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