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Jiofi: Detailed Login and Troubleshoot Information

When you buy a Jiofi router, you are required to make some adjustments. You might be required to:

  • Modify your router SSID (the router name);
  • Set up your password to be able to connect to the web.

Now, let us check how we can do it.

Step 1

Make sure you are connected to the Jio network. You shall be able to reach it via your JIOFI browser.

Step 2

Move to jiofi.local.html. It is a login page. If your browser doesn`t open the page, add a “/” at the end of the URL. Now, the URL address looks like this: jiofi.local.html/.

Step 3

Now, you see the Jiofi login panel. After clicking on the Login, provide your login data (the username, as well as the password, can be found on your Jiofi, its backside).

Step 4

Move to Settings. Now, you can set your router up (you might want to modify the default password, the SSID, or whatever else you might consider as needed).

Step 5

Once the changes are made, click Apply to save them. If everything was done correctly, the changes will apply.

Troubleshooting Procedures

It happens sometimes that the system doesn`t let you log in from the mentioned page, jiofi.local.html. There might be several reasons for that:

1 – your password or your username might be wrong. Recheck them and type them in once more;

2 – check whether the CAPS button is pressed. If so, press it again;

3 – reset the router;

4 – update the firmware of your device.

Some Words about Jiofi

When Jio, a network company in India known for its affordability and reliable services, started growing in popularity, a demand for a special router arose. Thereof, Reliance Jio developed and manufactured Jiofi, a router to connect with WiFi.

This device is one of the most user-friendly routers compatible with any network. It is easy to handle all the setup procedures (just log in to the Dashboard, use jiodongle.local.html for that, and from there, all the setup options are available) and to operate.

Your Jiofi offers you the following benefits:

  • It can connect to up to 31 devices;
  • It is portable;
  • Jio 4G Network works for both 4G and 3G devices;
  • A powerful battery that allows the device to run 6 hours continuously.

Jiofi Device is a perfect choice for those users who want something portable but don`t wish to sacrifice the internet speed. This device is cheap though reliable and efficient. It is easy to use even for those who are novices in the field. If these are the features you are searching for, the Jiofi might be a perfect option for you.