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Free Flipbook Tools and their Pros and Cons

Flipbooks have evolved over the years from what we knew as flip books couple of decades ago to the more techno savvy digital flipbooks that are now being used for publishing content in digital form. Not too long ago, the word “flipbook” would have referred to a set of moving images on a page when the page is flipped quickly. For example, one is able to simulate the movements of a horse if one flips the pages of the book in which the horse has been drawn in various running positions. This was in-fact the start off point of all graphic animation creations.

However, the “flipbook” in today’s context brings to mind another variation of the word. This is the flipbook one creates on a computer. With the dawn of the digital age, almost every aspect of human life is linked to technology and specially the internet. Today magazines, books and other articles are often presented in soft form in digital formats instead being read in hard copy format. However, although all these contents were available online, it was not readable as a “real” book until flipbook came to be.  With the flipbooks, digital content has got a new lease of life, with vibrant graphics, great layouts and super glossy presentations, which is nothing short of professional publisher quality. What is great news is that there are free flipbook tools to assist users create such content with no extra costs.

So, how exactly do we go about producing a flipbook? You can either choose to download or purchase software needed for this or simply signup with an online flipbook service provider.  Some online sites offer free trial while others require payments at the start itself.  For beginners, its best to consider a site that allows creating flipbooks for free. However, there are a few pros and cons to consider when considering these free flipbook tools. Below are some of the pros and cons of the two popular flipbook tools that offer free trials.

FlipSnack Pros and Cons

FlipSnack is by far, one of the most popular flipbook tools. This is a website that offers users the ability to create elegant and eye-catching digital publications for free. Users are able to publish unlimited amounts of content, customize the said content according to their requirements and specifications. Further, this tool also facilitates  the content to be extremely SEO friendly and gain better  ranking in the web searches. FlipSnack also enables users to upload PDF files, as well as, create content from scratch. There are a number of templates that users can take advantage of when creating the content, as well as, colourful and varied graphics and images that can be inserted into the content to make it more presentable and engaging to the viewer. In addition, users can optimize their publication viewing by making use of the video and sound facilities available to provide a pleasurable viewing experience. All this and more can be done without any time wasted and it is absolutely free.

Along with the advantages of this free flipbook service, there are a few disadvantage that users should make note of as well. One main issues is that editing content is unavailable until the content is published. Although Flipsack offers publishing flipbooks for free, there are some limitations which users are informed of before publication. For example, free users are able to publish only 15 pages of content, and there are a number of advanced features which free users are unable to take advantage of.

PubMTML 5 Pros and Cons

PubHTML5 is another popular option when it comes to free flipbook services. This service is for Windows and MAC desktops and provides users with a host of facilities when creating SEO friendly content, including PDF files, which can be published on any digital device. There are over 150 customization options available to users to ensure they create some of the best flipbooks to please corporate clients, as well as, individuals. Various interactive features from logos to background and bookmarks, music and videos can be found in the gallery section to make the content as eye-catching and interesting as possible. The built-in Animation Editor makes for captivating and engaging animated content that can be played on any digital device. PubHTML5 is reliable and secure as it uses PubHTML5 Cloud. This tool is easy to use and enables users to share their content on social media, such as, Twitter and Facebook.

PubHTML5 also comes with its share of disadvantages. For example, at various times, the page turning option may be a bit difficult to navigate. It may take several tries before the user is able to do it successfully. Although many features and aspects of this tool are user-friendly, for some users, especially those new to this tool, it may be difficult to find the Publish button on the menu. This is because it is named Convert on the menu.  PubHTML5may appear outdated when compared with FlipSnack and other service providers. The templates and background can attest to this.

Although every free flipbook tool has its disadvantages, it is best to make use of the free trials before making any payments for creating flipbooks. In this manner, users are able to familiarize themselves with the tools and their options before paying for advanced options and services.